Playing Catch Up

Hey folks. Been quiet on the bloggery for a hot minute. Didn’t even have time to pimp my latest, MEAT CITY ON FIRE (AND OTHER ASSORTED DEBACLES) on the page properly.

Though, hey, for as much as marketing counts in this game, there ain’t much else I can control with a dayjob, family, and general sanity taking some more priority over shilling.

That came off a little snarkier than intended. Apologies.

Anyway, contrary to that open, I’m in a pretty good mood. the Aforementioned MEAT CITY is getting some love and folks are digging on a lot of the newer stories in there. Proud of the work in there and really hope more people check it out.

Also, I’ve pivoted to video!

Got a new YouTube thing I’m trying. Basically a rant with some love for writers I feel aren’t loved enough. Bonus: all the writers I know who roll their eyes at me are probably rolling their eyes extra hard over it (which is a win).

2017 was a weird, slightly sucky year. The plan’s to actively change that. This means moving forward and embracing what I want over what I feel others would want for or of me. It’s very easy to slip into that latter mode once you’ve found some kind of validation that your work succeeds on any level. Unfortunately, that path leads to stagnation; which I’m not in the mood for.

I’ve proven I can hang. Now it’s time to prove I can exceed.

More to come.

PS: I’ll ask again and again – do me a solid and review what I’ve got in the wild if you have a few minutes. Getting the word out helps.

Never said I gained any shame, just that I don’t have time to be unabashedly shameless.

Dance, Book Monkey, Dance!

We got some shilling to do, ya’ll.

First on the agenda, cheap ebook! My first Blacky Jaguar novella in the Song of Piss & Vinegar series is on sale now for $0.99! Click the cover below to get yourself to whatever digital storefront you like.


You a reviewer or book blogger? I got you, critically-minded fam. MEAT CITY ON FIRE (AND OTHER ASSORTED DEBACLES) is up on NetGalley! Click on that GORGEOUS cover.


Preorders and NetGalley requests are officially up for a new novel in stories called THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD. Here’s the Bosch-esque cover I love so much.


A little more about NIGHT OF THE FLOOD:


Last and certainly, well maybe not certainly…what’s a degree below certainly? KILLING MALMON! Pick this bad boy up and help the fight against MS because MS sucks and deserves to die a quick, merciless death.


Anyway, buy my stuff!

Be easy,



Hoping that pun does Dave White proud.

Everyone and their mother is doing a Bouchercon 2017 rundown and I figured I toss my hat in the ring if only to give a shout out to all the outstanding people who both made Bouchercon possible and worth going to.

If you know me, you know I spent most of my time at the bar. It was wonderful to catch up with Chris Irvin, Nik Korpon, Joe Clifford, Renee Pickup, Nick Kolakowski, Danny Gardner, Sarah Weinman, Johnny Shaw, Jay Stringer, Holly West, Josh Stallings, Art Taylor, Travis Richardson, Hilary Davidson, Eryk Pruitt, Chris Holm, Kat Holm (those two rock so hard), Mike McCrary, Jen Conley, Jon and Ruth Jordan, David Nemeth, Jennifer Hillier, Ed Aymar, SW Lauden, Rob Hart, and a ton of others I am losing in the post-Boucher haze.

If I forgot you, hate me and DM me your venom – I probably deserve it.

It was absolutely wonderful to meet so many new and friendly folks like Beau Johnson, Brett Savory, Sandri Kasturi, Craig Davidson, Michael Rowe, and Baron Birtcher (who was a fantastic moderator for the Best Novella panel), Janet Hutchings, James Lincoln Warren (my other moderator for my Short Story panel) and so many others.

My thanks to programmers Sarah Byrne, Janet Costello, Jeannette Harrison, and Carol Newhouse for allowing me some space to be me and have an outstanding time talking shop on two panels this year.

It’s also heartening to see Jay Stringer elected to the Bouchercon board. There are still issues that need addressing and I’m hoping a younger perspective will help the convention attract more young writers and readers from all walks of life. Change is good – it’s something I feel isn’t a popular ideology when it comes to Bouchercon, so any sign of it seems like a positive step. That said, Jay’s an inspiration and I think I may need to do more than talk smack.

Moving on…

A big congrats to all the Derringer, Macavity, and Anthony winners.

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate my fellow Best Novella nominees (Sarah M. Chen, S. W. Lauden, and John Shepphird). Congratulations to winner B.K Stevens who unfortunately passed away this summer. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

So St. Petersburg next year? Probably. It’s been a “stalled” year for my writing despite some great releases. Back to being agentless, floating work I’d like to see out in the world, and balancing quite a bit of real world activity with this writing stuff. Still, I ain’t stopping. Events like these leave me with a strong sense of hope and inspiration but they also leave me knowing I have to work hard to continue moving forward with my writing. This December is the 4th anniversary of my first publication. In writer years, that’s literally a blink.

There’s a hell of a lot left to do folks. Ya’ll ain’t seen the last of me – I promise that.

Be easy,


Where to find me/buy me drinks – October 2017

So all the cool kids are talking about their upcoming events and all. Throwing my hat in the ring regarding this October and all my comings and/or goings.
Here’s what’s up!
Bouchercon 2017
I’ll be at Bouchercon from 10/12 – 10/15 (pretty much always at the bar judging you, except for these times below):
October 13th – Bouchercon Toronto
5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Sheraton C
5-Minute Misdemeanours
Constructing the short story
Angel Luis Colón, Barb Goffman, Janet Hutchings, Alan Orloff, Travis
Richardson, James Lincoln Warren (M)
October 14th – Bouchercon Toronto
8:30 A.M. – 9:30 A.M.
Grand West
Best Novella
Meet your Best Novella Anthony nominees
Baron R Birtcher (M), Sarah M. Chen, Angel Luis Colón, S. W. Lauden,
John Shepphird
Even thought I’m nominated, I WON’T be at the Anthonys (scheduling sucks) so if you want to catch me before that, like I said: find me at the hotel bar. And seriously, don’t be a wuss – approach me.
You’ll find I’m fairly sociable and obnoxious enough to want to walk away in a few minutes so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted much time at all.
Am I kidding? Find out for yourself!
Can’t make it out to Bouchercon?
October 29th – Noir at The Bar: Asbury Park
6:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
The Complex AP

639 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712
Readings by:
– Kevin Catalano
– Angel Luis Colón
– Juliet Fletcher
– Thomas Pluck
– S.A. Solomon
– Wallace Stroby
– Dennis Tafoya

In Malmon-orium? Malmorium? He’s Dead Jim? Who The Fuck Is Jim?

We done broke Dan Malmon.


Clicky Clicky CLICK, yo!

30 writers. 2 beloved mainstays of the crime community. 1 victim. An AWESOME cause.

A few months ago I got an FB message from Dan & Kate Malmon – I screamed “YES” at my scream before I finished reading what they sent (and promptly realized I’d need to type a response, but that’s neither here nor there).

I’ll explain a little better. A scant three years ago I was hitting up a family wedding in a town called Roseville near the Twin Cities. Hearing I’d be around, these two absolutely wonderful, generous, and uber-nerdy (a great thing) souls contacted me to say they literally lived right there.

We went out for tots and I’ve loved them since.

Obviously, I’d drop everything to kill one of them on paper.

That said, my story is not the best in this collection BY FAR. I mean, look at this god damn list:

Hector Acosta, Eric Beetner, Dana Cameron, Sarah M. Chen, Matthew Clemens, Angel Colón, Hilary Davidson, Cory Funk, Danny Gardner, Paul J. Garth, Rob Hart, Ed Kurtz, Steve W. Lauden, Russel McLean, Jeff Macfee, Erin Mitchell, Erica Ruth Neubauer, Brad Parks, Thomas Pluck, Bryon Quertermous, Todd Robinson, Jeff Shelby, Nathan Singer, Josh Stallings, Jay Stringer, R.D. Sullivan, Bryan VanMeter, Holly West and Dave White.

Seriously, this is totally worth your time. Bonus? Proceeds go to the MS Society (speaking of which, if you feel the need to give them money straight up; click HERE).

MS sucks and if takes killing a Dan Malmon to help rid the world of it, hey, I’ll kill a Dan Malmon.

Oh, uh, sure, ON PAPER. I should add that in case “accidents” happen.

So, a little fun for the three of ya’ll reading. Back on Augist 31st, the Malmons invaded Manhattan! We threw a surprise Noir at The Bar to celebrate and since I take advice from some of the best at heart (thanks, Johnny Shaw) I wrote a short piece just for the event. I wanted to class things up and read a eulogy to the dearly, 30-time departed Dan Malmon.

Since a lot of you weren’t there (shame), here’s Dan’s eulogy. The poor, poor bastard.

While I’m glad we’re here to celebrate the life and many, many deaths of Dan Malmon. I think I should take some time to clear the air and admit my complicity in his 100% actual, untimely, yet unsurprising death a few weeks ago – even if he is currently tweeting about comics, use your fucking imagination.

I don’t think I need to get into the details regarding that awful Tuesday afternoon where Dan was discovered face-down in a ball pit at a Chuck E Cheese in Little Laos by a group of fourth grade students on a field trip—the medical examiner would say he somehow drowned—or that he was found wearing only a Chuck Knoblauch Yankees jersey that was two sizes too small.

It’s difficult, but I have to confess to how Dan was led into that shallow ball pit. About how he was dressed in that baseball jersey. I have to talk about the hunger I helped start in him; that insatiable appetite so many treated so lightly.

I am of course, talking about the Kit Kat problem.

I shouldn’t have mailed Dan those off-market Japanese Kit Kats. It was a joke, I figured, there’d be no way he’d even eat the damn things—they were sweet potato-flavored for fuck’s sake but eat them he did. Then he asked for any leads on online orders—seemed innocent enough—but apparently it wasn’t bringing him the satisfaction he craved after being exposed to so many flavors added in factories that clearly did not follow guidelines meant to protect humans and/or livestock.

I remember seeing him a few weeks before everything went sour. Dan was up to his ears in debt with the Laotian mob—who were selling him white chocolate Kit Kats dipped in cheap colored stevia; a common black market tactic. He was jittery. Kept asking me if I could ‘give him a break’.  I didn’t know what else to do but give him a few dollars and the URL for a Japanese site that shipped to the states.

He did not accept the hug I offered, though. I felt like that was a good sign, that maybe he was down in the dumps but not enough to accept the physical embrace he so very much despised.

Everything after that is hearsay, but Dan may have fallen into a spiral of refined sugars, palm oil, and whey powder. He was getting heavily involved in the dodge ball gambling scene based out of a downtown YWCA in order to get access to their vending machines.

I guess I’m in the reeds. I’m sorry for enabling Dan to follow such a dark path. For giving him the address of that Chuck E Cheese after hearing the guy who does the voice of the animatronic bear had a line on cough syrup-flavored Kit Kats without confirmation. It’s a damn shame and I’ll always be sort of sorry for that.

That said, I intend to honor Dan’s final wishes—as detailed in the strange, broken English-riddled note found conspicuously next to his body that instructed us to cremate him without question and to leave any and all of his valuable belongings in front of the Chuck E Cheese he was found in. We are also, and I add this was a stipulation that was firmly requested to be read out loud tonight, we are also VERY MUCH CERTAIN THIS UNTIMELY AND ACCIDENTAL DEATH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE KIND, GENEROUS Mr. Keophoxai (“K-op-A-sigh”), WHO IS NOT AT ALL CONNECTED WITH THE LAOTIAN MAFIA, black market candy scene, animatronic voice over artist union. He is only a DJ at Jizzney Land Gentleman’s Club and he was working a double shift the night of Dan’s death who he actually did not really know at all when he thought about it.

So, thanks for coming out tonight and thanks to the readers. We burn the body tomorrow. It’s BYOB, by the way. Also, bring some extra cash. We’ll be collecting to help pay off Dan’s dodge ball debt.

Click all the links above. Go read. Be a better person.

Be easy,