Diving Back In…

So after a month of writer’s block it’s about time that I stop the laziness and get back to it.

For fuck’s sake, I’ve got a good 1/4 of my novel’s first draft done, how can I not get back into it? Though, there’s a lingering story in my brain that’s been demanding my attention more and more, and that’s where I find myself always going back to before I sleep, while I drive even while I’m writing something else.

Is it worth giving up on the more “complete” work to hop on over to another much less defined one? Obviously, what’s best should be what makes me happy and engages me, but I question my own ability to stick to the plan. I’d rather not have some sort of literary ADD and find myself 3 months removed from a project; only to come back and be completely detached, or worse, hating it.

I’m really not sure if other writers deal with this constant stream of doubt.

Ah well, it’s best to just keep writing and bettering myself.

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