A Yoko That Deserves Some Love

I’m not even going to go to that place and toss out a few easy Yoko Ono questions.

I can seriously think of about 9 off the top of my head too.

Anyway, this is actually about a true musical genius by the name of Yoko Kanno.

Seriously, click here, she’s a fucking genius.

Her works have been heavily featured in Japanese animation and video games, but she also works with various acts. She doesn’t sing, only composes and arranges – but her ear and method are distinct while paying homage to her influences.

Since I feel not many people have been exposed to this lady’s awesomeness, I’ve decided to toss out few of my favorite pieces.

1. TANK! – Cowboy Bebop

Forget the unbelievable beauty of the animation, this might be the best damn theme song to ANYTHING. It captures the mood and energy of the show and sets a tone that keeps you engaged long after you’ve heard it.

Utterly unforgettable.

2) Inner Universe – Ghost in The Shell: Standalone Complex

I can’t identify many electronic tracks that I would call haunting, but the arrangement and Origa’s vocals are phenomenal.

3) Piano Black – Cowboy Bebop

Perfection. No other words. Well, maybe a few. I’m an utter sucker for great piano work and while this piece is repetitive, it’s a great earworm and great for a run.

4) Face On – Wolf’s Rain

Epic as all hell and I DESPISED this show. The strings are fucking beautiful, hell, everything about this piece is beautiful.

Google Yokoa Kanno and check out some of her other pieces if you get the chance. It’s an opportunity to hear something different and give some love to a female musician that doesn’t need to stick her tongue out like a stroke victim and act like an 11 year-old pretending to be a big girl for attention.

Be Easy.


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