Fear of a Black Human Torch

I won’t go too deep into the reeds (HA!), but you just might have heard that a young, black, MALE has been casted as a traditionally white character in the new Fantastic Four Movie.

In other, completely unrelated news: the world is still spinning.

Nothing’s on fire.

Well, except for Michael B. Jordan…well, not for real, but now he’s the Human Torch and…


There are a ton of blog posts and articles detailing the ridiculous fanboy hand wringing that’s coming out of this and to that I say: let’s concentrate on the REAL problem with a Fantastic Four reboot (or problems).

  1. It’s Fox – we know this is fucked out of the door. They could have had the entire cast be just Daniel Day Lewis and it would still suck (just not as much).
  2. The rest of the cast looks to be utterly devoid of charisma and they actually match the race of the characters in the comic book.
  3. Seriously, Fox is making this.
  4. You just know the Doom casting announcement will be worse, so why whine now?

It’s been said before, but Jordan is actually one of the few things about this movie that is genuinely interesting. Would I have preferred a ballsier casting choice for a black actor? Hell yes! I’d love to see a black Reed Richards. It would be a breath of fresh fucking air.

If anything, the decision to cast a black actor as The Human Torch, effectively the comedy relief of the film, is pretty by the numbers, if you ask me.

The real injustice in my eyes is the lack of a Black Panther movie from Marvel. Maybe they can make it up to us by casting Doctor Strange against the grain.

Now how fun would that be?

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