What I’m Drinking

Tonight’s bloggery will be short and sweet.

Got some work on the novel to get sorted out. Keep promising myself a thousand words a night and so far, I’ve been pretty good about that.

Anyway, every so often I enjoy a beer…

Every so often is maybe/kinda/sorta/ daily.

Anyway, Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA.


That’s sexy, no?

Belgian style IPA. 8.3% ABV. 60 IBU.

She’s a strong beast of a bitch and definitely in my top 20 IPAs. Nice and hoppy with those banana and bubblegum hints you get from yeasty Belgians (ew, that sounds horrifying).

I’ve said it before. I don’t get in the reeds on beer. I can give you a quick impression and that’s about it. I don’t care about the body or the pour. Drink it out of a Belgian tulip and enjoy.

7 yeasty Belgians out of 5.


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