What I’m Sipping – The Macallan 10

Fucking whisky! Or should I say, fooking whiskey!

I’m a friend to the Scotch variety of this liquid love, mostly of the single malt variety, but I’ve been known to accept a shot of Black Label every now and then.

We’re going real easy tonight with a favorite mid-shelf of mine, The Macallan 10.


This is a super light and clean whisky. Medium-bodied with a little bite. You give this a whirl and you catch a little citrus and vanilla hints – a little sherry too.

I drink this straight with a drop of water to open – room temp. A good entry level if you’ve ever wanted to jump into the Scotch single malts.

Official verdict? 3.5 of 5 William Wallace screams of freedom.

Go drink and be easy,


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