AJ Hayes Writing Contest at Noir @ the Bar L.A.

Couldn’t be more proud about this. I unfortunately never got to know AJ Hayes in person, but I am honored.

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The essence and style of AJ Hayes was very evident last night as crime writers and readers hoisted toasts at the bar, read excerpts of his work, and celebrated the winners of the first annual crime writing contest named after him. It was an event within an event, hosted by Noir at the Bar L.A. and held at the Mandrake Bar in Los Angeles. First, the Hat…

To the side of the stage, a battered chair sat with a brown fedora on the seat. This was the designated place of honor for AJ's hat.

To the side of the stage, a battered chair sat with a brown fedora on the seat. This was the designated place of honor for AJ’s hat. Just a few seats away, in the front row, sat Thury Hayes, AJ’s beautiful wife, anxiously waiting to hear the names of the winners.

Thury & Nestle

Eric Beetner(L) announced the talented recipients of cash prizes made possible by the excellent promotion and publicity of Steve Weddle and the Do Some Damage crew.

Angel Luis 
1st Place: Angel Luis Colon…

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What I’m Drinking – Something, something, something BEER

Happy end of weekend!

Took the trek down to PA to visit my brother and sister in law. They live a block away from a GLORIOUS pizzeria that also houses a tiny beer garden that had this in the row of fridges:


Even Doc Ock was hyped.



I always figured this was an IPA I’d have to travel out west to enjoy, like Pliny, but here it is!

I bought five of them!

Anyway, what’s the verdict?

Outstanding. Beautiful amber pour. Hints of sweet, sweet fruit and grass. Not my favorite IPA ever, but definitely in the top 10.

Over 9,000/10 for this one.

If you get a chance, hit up Pinocchio’s Pizza in Media, PA…seriously. The food is solid and their beer selection is the best in in the NJ/PA area, hands down.

Be easy,


All Hail the Queen

Got some new flash up at Shotgun Honey today – “All Hail the Queen”.

Thrilled to be making a second appearance over there. Makes me feel like less of a fluke. Also, the company I keep – hot damn – take the time to check out other stories on the site from the likes of Rob Hart, Jen Conley, Todd Robinson, Dana C. Kabel, Bracken MacLeod, Chris Irvin…seriously, I can go on and on.

Click the lovely Frigga and enjoy!


What Your Father Should Be Drinking

Been a minute since I’ve blerged. Since I’m drinking it, let’s talk about this stuff.


Oh my.

This is tasty stuff.

Dogfish Head is pretty much tied with Bear Republic as my favorite brewer these days. Burton Baton edges Dogfish a little further ahead. This is a HELL of an Imperial IPA.

First, though, the small details: 10.0% ABV and 70 IBU. Not too hoppy, but kicks like a fucking mule.

I have to comment on the pour too. One of the smoothest I’ve ever encountered – felt like I was in a fucking commercial.

Flavor – biscuity, all the floral and citrus you get from a proper IPA.

Goes VERY well with a pretzel and hot mustard. Like, incredibly well.

Anyway, this bad boy gets a solid Cliff Huxtable/Great Dads.

Go buy this.

Be easy,