What Your Father Should Be Drinking

Been a minute since I’ve blerged. Since I’m drinking it, let’s talk about this stuff.


Oh my.

This is tasty stuff.

Dogfish Head is pretty much tied with Bear Republic as my favorite brewer these days. Burton Baton edges Dogfish a little further ahead. This is a HELL of an Imperial IPA.

First, though, the small details: 10.0% ABV and 70 IBU. Not too hoppy, but kicks like a fucking mule.

I have to comment on the pour too. One of the smoothest I’ve ever encountered – felt like I was in a fucking commercial.

Flavor – biscuity, all the floral and citrus you get from a proper IPA.

Goes VERY well with a pretzel and hot mustard. Like, incredibly well.

Anyway, this bad boy gets a solid Cliff Huxtable/Great Dads.

Go buy this.

Be easy,


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