What I’m Drinking – Something, something, something BEER

Happy end of weekend!

Took the trek down to PA to visit my brother and sister in law. They live a block away from a GLORIOUS pizzeria that also houses a tiny beer garden that had this in the row of fridges:

Even Doc Ock was hyped.



I always figured this was an IPA I’d have to travel out west to enjoy, like Pliny, but here it is!

I bought five of them!

Anyway, what’s the verdict?

Outstanding. Beautiful amber pour. Hints of sweet, sweet fruit and grass. Not my favorite IPA ever, but definitely in the top 10.

Over 9,000/10 for this one.

If you get a chance, hit up Pinocchio’s Pizza in Media, PA…seriously. The food is solid and their beer selection is the best in in the NJ/PA area, hands down.

Be easy,


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