The Nostalgia Awakens

I’m not supposed to get excited, right?

I should cite Jar Jar, those clones, hell, even the illogical Mustofar fight.

ALL of that should have left me a cynical husk of a nerd, capable of rolling my eyes with every sudden appearance of a new type of lightsaber or swell of John Williams score.

But then, this happened…

We knew this was coming. I read all the rumors (I don’t mind spoilers for things like this, especially in light of the intense disappointment of the prequels.).

So why did I find myself watching this trailer, remembering every detail of sitting in a Bronx movie theater with my dad in 1983 as Return of The Jedi started and my entire life changed?

I’m not kidding. I was three. It was the first visit my dad made to NYC after my mom and he had divorced. It’s one of the most vivid memories of my childhood (and as a few people can tell you, I don’t remember a lot of my childhood).

I was there again, holding his hand and watching Yoda fade away. I had no idea why I was sad, but I knew I should be. This was my first Star Wars and it all made sense. The characters, the stakes, Williams’ score. All is if I was born knowing all of it.

And now I’m fighting my hardest not to let that overcome me and melt me into a puddle of nerd goo.

Now, I know. A lot of folks will talk about that Episode 1 hype. Yeah, I fell into it too. You can totally fish around this blog about that story, but something about this feels different. Not better, we can’t make that call in a little over 80 seconds, but definitely different.

Fingers crossed, huh?

Be Easy,


Tourists – Update

Filming on ‘Tourists’ has wrapped.

I had an opportunity to watch a rough cut, and let me tell yah; I’ve never smiled so wide for five minutes straight.

Anyway, here are a few pics to whet anyone’s appetite.

Also, to brag.

They’re black and white for maximum artsy fartsiness. The movie itself is in color.


Can’t wait to share this with you all!

Be Easy,


Tourists…The Movie?

So, I’ve been sitting on a little something for a while now.

Remember my short ditty, “Tourists”?

If not, check it out over here at Revolt Daily.

Fun, huh?

So anyway, an old college friend of mine, Rob Neilson, reached out and asked me if I’d be okay with him making the story into a short film under his Savage Henry Films banner.

If it was anyone else, I think I would have said ‘No’. Not to blow smoke up Rob’s ass, but I always had a lot of respect for his devotion to film and his taste in movies. Seriously, he introduced me to a lot of the films that shaped (warped) me and he and I always had an extremely similar palate when it came to horror and terrible Hong Kong flicks.

So I said yes.

Now, I’ve been CRAZY quiet about this on social media. Chalk that up to a mix of superstition and a little fear of trumpeting off like an egotistical asshole, but since things are happening and I will probably have a LOT to share with folks regarding other projects soon, I figure, hey, let’s go for broke.

Filming happens soon, but until then, let me introduce you all to poor Mister Bill Trambino, who took a bite out of a 12-guage when he found out his favorite porn queen overdosed on pills.

Here he is at the start.

                   Here he is at the start.

Fun times!

A lot of fantastic work was put into Bill by Facades FX Studio and I am floored by the final result.

Poor bastard.

              Poor bastard.

Thanks so much to Rob, Facades FX, Revolt Daily, and Renee Pickup for making Tourists come to life in print and film! I’m incredibly grateful to have some amazing people who not only consider my writing worth a first look, but enjoy it enough to share it this way.

“Tourists” stars Houston’s own Joe Grisaffi as well as veteran theater & films actor (and one-time Steve McQueen’s roommate) Guil Fisher, who Rob has worked with in several films in the past.

More updates to come!

Be easy,