Coming This Summer – The Fury of Blacky Jaguar

Big news!

One Eye Press has acquired my debut novella, ‘The Fury of Blacky Jaguar’!

I am excited!!

Exclamation points!!!


Here’s the rundown on Blacky’s novella length adventure:

Blacky Jaguar—ex-IRA hard man, devoted greaser, and overall hooligan—is furious. Someone’s made off with Polly—his 1959 Plymouth Fury—and there’s not much that can stop him from getting her back. It doesn’t take him too long to get a name, Osito—the Little Bear. This career bastard has Polly in his clutches, and Blacky doesn’t have long until she’s a memory.

The sudden burst of righteous violence gets the attention of Special Agent Linda Chen—FBI pariah and Blacky’s former flame. Linda’s out to get her man before he burns down half the Bronx and her superiors get the collar.

All roads will lead our heroes to an unassuming house in one of the worst parts of the South Bronx, where fists and bullets will surely fly, but maybe—just maybe—Blacky will find a better reason to fight than a car.

The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is the story of friends, enemies, and one sweet ass ride.

I had a hell of a time writing this book, and I sincerely hope people enjoy it as much as I did.

Anyway, I’m not only excited but incredibly, incredibly humbled to be in some amazing company. One Eye Press, home of Shotgun Honey, Blight Digest, and The Big Adios – as well as publisher of some fun Shotgun Honey Anthologies – has been killing it with their Singles releases.

Look at the company I’m already in:

Federales by Chris Irvin

White Knight by Bracken MacLeod

The Gospel of The Bullet by Chris Leek

Click those links and buy those books. They’re on sale, can be read in a single sit down, and are worth your time. Indie publishers like One Eye are doing some wonderful work and need our support (I may be more biased than I was before, but whatever).

The authors I’ll be joining with releases next year, though, are a sure kick in the crotch. I am super excited to be in their company.

We’ve got, Tom Pitts with Knuckleball, Tim Friend with a western corker called Gunmen, and Mike Miner with some gritty crime in Hurt Hawks.

These guys are aces, and I’m damn sure people are going to love what they’ve got coming.

I should have more details soon, and for anyone coming out to the Noir at The Bar in Queens tonight, you’ll get to hear me read the first chapter of ‘The Fury of Blacky Jaguar’! Good times!

Be Easy,


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