guardians-of-the-galaxy-nebula-featureI don’t have to repeat myself regarding the above.

Also, check out the earlier parts of this series HERE and HERE.

I’ve been lazy on this front, but blame holidays, sicknesses, and all the fun stuff that goes on in the adult world of lameness.

Anyway, the third part of my 2014 breakdown!

This is going to be a little longer and might break some rules, because that’s how threequels work. Only rule still sticking, I ain’t spoiling or giving summaries. That’s what the Amazon links are for.



Jungle Horses PhotoJungle Horses by Scott Adlerberg

Full disclosure: I just finished this one earlier last week.

Still loved it.

I’m a fan of Adlerberg’s way of taking the dark and the banal and seemingly granting an otherworldly air about them. He’s done this in his short fiction and his novella, Jungle Horses, furthers that. What he does with the common conceit of the down on his luck loser is a lot of fun, and I can say with certainty that I did not expect this story to go where it went. This is a good thing, since I sort of despise when I can smell an ending from three states over.

Anyway, you may have noticed a lot of novellas on my list this year, and to be honest, it’s because of that limited reading time of mine. Novellas seem to be a nice, easy way of getting in a read during the commute.

With that in mind, I think I’m going to just lay it out here and add a second entry.

oneeyepressgreyOne Eye Press’ Singles Imprint

Federales by Chris Irvin

White Knight by Bracken MacLeod

The Gospel of The Bullet by Chris Leek

I’m biased here, what with One Eye releasing my debut novella next summer (THAT’S how you cross-promote, kids), but I wouldn’t have bothered to write that story for these folks if the work they put out there isn’t a slice of god damn fantastic.

Each story is wildly different, but explores the darkness that can be found just about anywhere. We’re talking broad genres, so just about anyone can jump on in and enjoy, even if you’re in unfamiliar territory.

I’ve said it before. I can’t recommend these novellas harder. I am recommending them VERY HARD in your direction.

And now, a full book (or books!)tumblr_inline_n1mjx10yAl1sadm3i

The Collector Trilogy by Chris Holm

These were not released this year, but whatever, I read them this year.

As a writer, there are moments you pick up a book or story, read it, put the book/books down, then do a lot of cursing.

That’s what I did after reading Chris Holm’s Collector Trilogy.


Also, these are fun, well-written, exciting stories. Genre mashes can be tough, but Holm handles it with smooth and nearly effortless style.


811B0dxg6YL._SY355_The Physical World – Death from Above 1979

Holy fuck was I DYING for these fellas to make new music.

I learned about Death From Above 1979 when they opened for NIN with Queens of The Stone Age a few years ago and I was blown away by the energy a two-piece band could throw my way. Seriously, I remember nothing of the other sets, but I completely remember theirs.

Trainwreck 1979 stands out as one of my favorite tracks on the album.

A two-fer!

720x405-10629809_10152385483439952_4360575686812864847_nSyro – Aphex Twin

Another hell-yes moment for most wanted albums. Not as aggressive as past works (hell, it’s almost relaxing) Syro is more brilliance from Richard D. James, one of the few electronic artists that I not only respect, but believe was and will be incredibly ahead of his time. Seriously, look at his output in the 90’s. Not a bit of it would sound out of place if released tomorrow.

Here’s a track named 4 bit 9d api+6 [126.26] because James is a fucking sadist when he titles tracks.


captainamerica252caf98173f6aCaptain America: The Winter Soldier

While outclassed by that OTHER movie, Cap kicked an unholy amount of ass earlier this year. I’d call Winter Soldier the strongest of the Marvel sequels and it definitely amped me up for the rest of Phase 2. Again, Evans ends up being the best actor in the Marvel stable and one of the best choices to place a superhero in a long time. I have a feeling he’ll be to Cap what Reeves is to Superman. No joke. I love RDJ as Iron Man, but I don’t see people losing their minds at a recasting the way they might when it comes time to choose another Steve Rogers.

Also, Sebastian Stan was awesome. Just give him more lines in Civil War.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the flick, what the hell man?

You guys get a single flick. I don’t get out as much anymore.


Meh, nothing worth mentioning. I’m woefully behind, and sorry, Saga is uninteresting. Won’t be touching that until I know for sure Vaughn nails the ending. We will not be reliving the ending disappointment of Runaways or Y: the Last Man again, thank you very much.


HAS23107Stars Wars: The Black Figure Series

I own four of these: Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader.

They are beautiful. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a Star Wars figure. Great detail and picture perfect accessories. A little bit of a pain in the ass to stand, but hey, whatever. The Vader and Fett are stand outs. All the little bits and pieces are there. Very cool to examine things I never noticed before.

They make me wish I was 6 again.

Still, they interested my kid enough to really get him on the Star Wars train. He even built me an X-Wing for Christmas!

So there, Star Wars made my son a better kid.

Star Wars is better than us.

Anyway. one more entry in what I liked, then we try to close out the year with the steaming garbage heap.

Be Easy,



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