I was going to spout off on social media, but realized I had a lot more words than that.

First and foremost, I sincerely hope each and every one of you have had a wonderful holiday. If not, I hope things get better. This year’s been a mix of wonderful and all sorts of fucked up, but these cycles help us wash the gunk away and move forward with a little spring to our step.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this year just proved my theory that humanity peaked with the invention of the pizza bagel, but there were great things too.

There were great times with friends and family. Getting to see my wife’s cousins take a huge step in their adult lives (and feel old when I realized I’ve known them for more than half their lives), I got to see my best friend, my blood, get married to an absolutely wonderful lady, and I found myself among one of the most warm and welcoming groups I’ve ever known.

Good stuff.

The bulk of this year was writing. I’ve begun to succeed and I personally feel that absolutely none of it would have been at all possible if not for the unbelievable support of so many of the writers on the crime scene. Every single day, I’m astonished at the kindness and genius of so many of you folks. I’m humbled and incredibly grateful to have inspiration and support while I continue to pursue a dream that I’d completely given up on only a few years ago.

Anyway, enough mush. Enjoy your New Year wherever you may be.

Me? I’m in my Doctor Who pajamas and drinking some Sierra Nevada.

Be Easy,


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