The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is coming!

I’ve been on a blogging bender lately, and for good reason: I have no idea how busy I’ll be in the upcoming months. There’s a lot to do life/work wise and a ton to do writing life wise.

What are those things, you didn’t ask, but I will provide answers to anyway?

Well, for one, reworking my novel, Hell Chose Me.

It’s been a ride. Hell Chose Me was ‘finished’ back in June and I pitched it to a handful of agents. The results? Kind, informative rejections. It stung, but at the same time, helped to set me on a new path this year. For January, I’ll be rereading it for the first time since the summer and making notes. The good news is nobody asked me to change my writing. It’s all in a state to be enhanced, which at least lets me know I can actually write and engage.

I can honestly say I’m not upset. Disappointed, sure, but hey, I’ve been at this a solid year and the novel was written in seven months. To even get full MS requests and solid feedback (from dream agents too) is an achievement. I can do this.

After the read-through, it’ll be edits. Then back into the wild. Good times.

In between all that:

Three short stories being written for three separate anthologies (none guaranteed a spot, which means I’m breaking my ass to get these done by deadline AND to make sure they’re actually good).

Edits to The Fury of Blacky Jaguar – a book I am AMPED that One Eye Press is publishing and that many of you will have in your sweaty paws this summer.

I’ll be back in Boston this February (weather permitting) to read at Noir at The Bar.

A trip to Portland this March for Left Coast Crime! Looking forward to seeing my writing compatriots and making new friends in a town I’ve been dying to visit for a decade.

A trip down to North Carolina for Bouchercon 2015! I have to book that at some point…

Anxious waiting to see if certain award nominations bear fruit (not talking about those, yet).

Two stories out this month!

Bear Mountain, a story of about the choices we make when we’re at our worst, is popping up over at Thuglit.

First Timer’s Club, a prequel to my short, Separation Anxiety, will be over at All Due Respect (which makes sense, since the latter story appeared there as well).

Other stories coming soon will be introducing you to Blacky Jaguar through the eyes of an admirer and bring you to a world where a doomsday prepper’s dreams come true, only to turn into a soul-crushing disappointment when the drama fizzles out.

Beyond that, there are a ton of wonderful books coming from fantastic writers:

Tom Pitts’ Knuckleball will be out this March.

Rob Hart’s debut, New Yorked, will be out in June. I very much recommend folks pre-order it now.

Chris Holm’s The Killing Kind is dropping fro Mulholland Books.

We’ve got Chris Irvin with Burn Cards this Spring.

Paul Tremblay’s A Head Full of Ghosts in June. (Pre-orders are available)

And many, many, many more.

Don’t worry, I’ll harass with links once everything is live.

Big year, big plans.

Be Easy,


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