My Bookish Ways + Me + Book Reviews = AwesomeSauce!

Hey Folks.

I’ve been lax on the bloggery, but for good reason! I’ve been writing, like, a lot. Got my novella in completed first draft form, quite a few short stories done, and many more to finish. The novel? Well, that’s still cooling, but I plan on working up to getting over to proper hands soon.

That’s not what this is about. What this about is me doing reviews over at My Bookish Ways!


I’ve been a fan of the site for a while now, so when they put out the call for some help in reviewing Mystery and Suspense novels, I sort of jumped at it (seriously, I almost emailed them minutes after I saw the post. I think I kept myself to a little over an hour).

It’s awesome to get a chance to not only rant about books I’m enjoying and have enjoyed, but to also engage with a bigger audience. I mean, yes, the dozen of you that visit me here rock, but it’s always fun when the crowd gets a little bigger. Also, potentially violent…


Well, anyway, I’m opening my time with the site by reviewing a little known novel called Get Carter by Ted Lewis. It’s also known by Jack’s Return Home by you hipster types.

I know, it’s a DEEP cut.

Be easy,


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