The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind of good news and a disgusting cold.

Like some sort of phlegmy-literaturenado.

Anyway, I’ve just spent an entire day editing my entire novel manuscript for the eighth (maybe ninth) time. I might be a little loopy.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard my shouting from the rooftops, yesterday I found out I was nominated for a Derringer Award!!!

Big congrats to all the other writers. Extra big congrats to Rob Hart, Hilary Davidson, Travis Richardson, and Eryk Pruitt.

You guys rock.

Finally, some other news to share. A few weeks back I was asked to fill in the role of editor over at Shotgun Honey as a replacement to the awesome, awesome Christopher Irvin. Not only did I say yes (on the condition there was cake and pie), but I’ve been judging MANY of you already.

Ron Earl put it very nicely when he said I was a ‘harsh critic’. Look at those words. I think he’s being nice when he says I’m harsh.

Think about that.

On top of all that. I’ve got a crazy set of stories to share with you folks coming up in Blight Digest, Shotgun Honey’s next anthology, Big Pulp, the recently returned Spinetingler (yay, my donkey show story!), Out of The Gutter, AND my debut novella, ‘The Fury of Blacky Jaguar’.

Alright, enough bragging.

Keep writing your asses off, peoples.

Be Easy,


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