Free Blacky Jaguar!



Still, need to scratch in some time for this one!

We’re giving away 3 free copies of The Fury of Blacky Jaguar over at Goodreads.

If you wanna throw your hat in the ring, go for it!

If you wanna ensure you get some of that sweet, sweet Fury, why not preorder the novella here?

So far, I’m nervous as hell. A few folks have read the novella and I’ve received incredibly kind words (and blurbs!) from them. I appreciate the time anyone would spend reading the words I write.

Still terrified until July 14th.

Then I’ll be EXTRA terrified.

Now I need to write a review, finish a short story, polish a flash piece, and potentially dive back into a novel.


Anyway, be easy,


The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is available for preorder NOW!

Want to be the cool kid on the block?


Fine, want to read what all the cool kids are reading?

Well , shit, you’re disagreeable today.

How about this?

10308902_1636922003186299_5787513212191529555_nMake with the clicking and you can preorder what’s sure to be the read of the couple of hours it took you to read it OF THE SUMMER.

While you’re at it, add Blacky to your shelf on Goodreads too. It helps us authors with something, something, something.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read, click, or even ignore.

Really hope you folks enjoy it.

Be easy,


Catch up, catch up, catch up…

So I’ve been busy.

Like, crazy, crazy busy.

My Bookish Ways reviews, Shotgun Honey stories to read (send, send, send us stories!), stories due to peoples, other stories I’m working on, some cool opportunities lined up, landed an agent (burying the lede there, huh? More as that develops :D)…

What else?



Full size because I’m excited.

Rest assured; preorder details, review copies, and other stuff is to come very soon.

So, how absolutely fantastic is that cover? Ron Earl Phillips is a beast and one of the kindest guys in the universe. My sincere thanks to him and the folks at One Eye Press for taking this on. In only a few months, working with Shotgun Honey has been one of the more satisfying experiences in my short writing career. So damn happy my debut novella is with them.

Now I get to be terrified you all hate it. YAY WRITING.

So enough bragging. I need to get back to all that other good stuff.

Be easy,