Catch up, catch up, catch up…

So I’ve been busy.

Like, crazy, crazy busy.

My Bookish Ways reviews, Shotgun Honey stories to read (send, send, send us stories!), stories due to peoples, other stories I’m working on, some cool opportunities lined up, landed an agent (burying the lede there, huh? More as that develops :D)…

What else?



Full size because I’m excited.

Rest assured; preorder details, review copies, and other stuff is to come very soon.

So, how absolutely fantastic is that cover? Ron Earl Phillips is a beast and one of the kindest guys in the universe. My sincere thanks to him and the folks at One Eye Press for taking this on. In only a few months, working with Shotgun Honey has been one of the more satisfying experiences in my short writing career. So damn happy my debut novella is with them.

Now I get to be terrified you all hate it. YAY WRITING.

So enough bragging. I need to get back to all that other good stuff.

Be easy,


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