Just when you thought you had all the answers…

…Rowdy Roddy Piper changed all the questions.

I don’t normally blog current events, but I’m drinking beer and waxing nostalgic.

Growing up, I used to love Saturdays. For one, CARTOONS. But, every Saturday also meant I got to spend time with my grandfather watching wrestling on channel 5 after those cartoons.

My grandfather, well, he was a bit of a character. The man had a loose filter, if any, and spoke his mind. This meant wrestling was infinitely entertaining with him. His commentary (that I can’t type for the most part since the man was ludicrously offensive) was bizarre, at times insightful, and rarely funny.

Though, one man NEVER get any venom from my grandfather, even with the ‘skirt’: Roddy fucking Piper.

Maybe my grandfather saw himself in that loudmouth bastard. Maybe it was just because Piper was hands down the most entertaining performer the WWE had or ever will have behind a mic (with second place belonging to Heenan – they were fucking geniuses at making people hate them).

Anyway, just remembering Piper. Thanks for being the focus of some fantastic memories and safe travels, sir.

I’ll leave you with a favorite of mine:

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