A few updates…

Man, it’s been busy.


First, a fun little anthology called ‘Last Word‘ – I’ve got a piece called ‘Keeping The Scene Alive’ in this one. Excited to be sharing banner space with all of these guys.


This is a pretty fantastic ToC that also includes Todd Robinson and Jack Getze. The money also goes to charity, so you can feel good about yourself for reading about bad things.

Speaking of charities, I’m also appearing in the upcoming anthology to benefit Protect (an amazing organization that works to help abused children). 55 stories from some of the best out there. I’m still sort of flabbergasted to share a ToC with writers of this caliber. This is going to be a must have and 100% goes to Protect – which is bad ass.

                                       There’s also new stories coming soon at Out of The Gutter, Spinetingler, and other great places.

Now to get back to novel writing.

Be easy,


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