The Hustle Never Stops

So this morning THIS happened!

It’s still surreal to see anyone talk about The Fury of Blacky Jaguar. So far, the response has been really great and I’m incredibly humbled that anyone would want to read a story of mine at any length, so to invest a little extra time to read a novella means a lot.

Anyway, it’s been four months since the book released and it’s been fun to shill and fight my more laid-back impulses to promote. We see blog posts and advice pieces that go on and on about the author’s need to promote, promote, promote; so I’ll avoid jumping into that pool. We all know how it goes.

So what the hell is the point of this?

Not sure to be honest. I guess I’m just ranting and trying to put all the little pieces together in my head.

Anyway, there’s some other great things to shill:

This Sunday it’s Noir at The Bar over at Shade in NYC. Come out. I’ll be reading with some outstanding authors. Never heard of this reading series? Here’s an amazing primer from the LA Review of Books.

I made an appearance on the comeback episode of Jay Stringer’s HACKS. podcast. I had a blast chatting it up with Jay – he’s an excellent fella and easy to talk to. I think there may be more from that talk coming soon – pretty sure we went on nearly two hours.

Thuglit has a special Christmas themed issue coming very soon.

Cruel Yule includes my story A Very Blacky Christmas and includes stories by some of the best damn crime fiction writers today, including: Rob Hart, Hilary Davidson, Justin Porter, Terrence McCauley, Johnny Shaw, Jen Conley, Thomas Pluck, Ed Kurtz, Jordan Harper and the Santa of crime-fiction himself, Todd Robinson.

How the hell can you pass up on this collection? Added bonus: we’re throwing a little party at The Mysterious Bookshop on December 9th! Several of us will be on hand to sign copies and crack wise-ass X-Mas jokes about red cups.

Very soon, Spinetingler and Literary Orphans will be pubbing two new pieces by yours truly. Also, I ain’t ignoring my long form work. I’ve signed a contract to release a new novella next year. More news on that soon.

Anyway, back to it. Thanks for the support and hey, if you’ve read Blacky and liked it; tell your friends and family or please, please, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. It’s been four months, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep on it.

Be easy,


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