*emerges from cave*

Holy hell, haven’t posted since January.

It’s not for lack of wanting to blog, but man, BUSY.

Had a baby. She is awesome. I am now a father of two. It is a bit jarring, amazing, and plague-ridden.

I fucking love it.

Anyway, writey-type stuff. All good things!

Just handed in edits (probably not final, but close enough) to my upcoming novella, No Happy Endings, coming later this year from Down & Out Books.

Best described? Sperm bank robbery on the weekend of Super-storm Sandy. Nobody has a clue what the hell they’re doing. Hilarity ensues. Death by bukkake? Sort of…well, you’ll see.

You may have seen/heard about an anthology coming this April from Down & Out Books called Unloaded. This bad boy is a joy to be a part of. With proceeds going to CeaseFireUSA.org and a focus on writing crime fiction without guns, I’m hoping folks will find it to be a fun and enlightening collection. Hell check out this group of bastards: J.L. Abramo, Patricia Abbott, Trey R. Barker, Eric Beetner, Alec Cizak, Joe Clifford, Reed Farrel Coleman, Hilary Davidson, Paul J. Garth, Alison Gaylin, Kent Gowran, Rob Hart, Jeffery Hess, Grant Jerkins, Joe R. Lansdale, S.W. Lauden, Tim O’Mara, Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Pitts, Thomas Pluck, Keith Rawson, Kelli Stanley, Ryan Sayles, and Holly West.

Seriously. Amazing lineup. AMAZING.

Big thanks to the editor, Eric Beetner for letting me in on this one.

Next projects?

Got a novel with my agent that I should be getting notes on. A little foray into something more mainstream for me. We shall see how that goes.

Halfway through the first draft of the next Blacky Jaguar novella. A little more “serious” in tone. Still lots of punching (with an entire chapter devoted to our boy beating up an entire room of people).

I’ve got two new novel ideas stuck in my craw too. They’re outlined roughly, but I’m dying to work on them.

On a short story front, still writing a few new pieces. I’ve got a story dropping in a Replacements-themed anthology based on ‘Kiss Me On The Bus’ coming soon, and will probably aim to get my ass in Thuglit again sometime this year. I like harassing good ol’ Todd Robinson.

There’s also a secret thing that is still a hard maybe, but I pray to have very good news on that soon.


Anyways, this was an excuse to do a little non-project writing and get the gunk off the gears.

Be easy,



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