The market is now open on ALL terrible takes of that name. TUGLIT, HUGLIT, SMUGLIT. The possibilities are ENDLESS…or as large as the entry in the rhyming dictionary for ‘thug’.

Whatever, fuck off.

So either this cold is making me feel all feelsy or the recent news that Big Daddy Thug aka Todd Robinson (author of the amazeballs THE HARD BOUNCE and upcoming ROUGH TRADE – CLICK and BUY) is closing shop at Thuglit really caught me up.

Going with the cold. It sucks. Please make all the sickness stop. This house has had a pox since fucking January. I suspect the little one. She drools.

Anyway, Thuglit. I’ve been lucky to make four (FOUR) appearances in those pages and my stories are nowhere near the best. I recommend you go and buy ALL the issues (I appear in issues 11, 15, 18, and Cruel Yule). It goes beyond the stroking of my ego here, though, and I know it’s been a love fest over on Twitter and Facebook, but I think it needs to be reiterated that working with Todd and the Thuglit crew on those stories were a goddamn joy and I truly appreciate the effort and attention to detail he’s provided. I don’t think I know any other writer with that kind of devotion to the craft and to the scene. He owed us none of that, but still did it either way.

And hell, I can’t say that I disliked a single story I’ve ever read out of Thuglit. That’s fucking rare, man.

So anyway, go buy Todd’s books. Go buy the back issues. Let the guy know he’s appreciated, even with the mag going away.

The bright side to this is Todd having more time to write and bring some quality fiction to all of us in whole new ways. I’m looking forward to that.

And hell, I’ll still see that cranky bastard at Shade when I visit either way. Now I can bother him for even more writing advice he’ll tell me to ignore.

My favorite pic of visiting Todd at Shade before he shaved his beard

Be easy,


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