I’m angry.

Maybe more than angry. Not sure. There are plenty of folks who have so much more to be angry about. I’m cisgender. I’m straight. Light-skinned. Not a target. I have so little to be angry about, don’t I?

But then I read about Orlando. I read about people who have been hurt and murdered. Think about so many people that are brave every single day. It pains me.

I am so fucking angry.

I’ve always loved that Pride happens around my birthday. Maybe it’s selfish of me. Maybe I correlate it so my personal celebration is just a little grander. Not sure. Still, what matters is Pride matters. My brothers and sisters who are unlike me matter because they are wonderful, beautiful, and plentiful.

My Pride is knowing so many of you who’ve touched my life in so many wonderful ways.

Honestly, this isn’t political or filled with agenda. Not too sure what it is. I just needed to find a way to express my pain and my empathy. A way to let you know I will always be an ally however I can. Even if it means nothing to you. That’s fine. We all mourn in our own ways.

I’m gutted.

I love you all.


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