I joined and gave Medium a shot since some cool kids I know have done it.

Ended up ranting about Luke Cage and some social issues . Check it here.

It’s a pain in the ass sorting out where and when and how we write. The stories are sort of easy – especially when you’re writing to a specific market – but blogging, essays, random whatever-the-fuckery can be a pain. Overall, it’s all screaming at the crowd from your soapbox for a scrap of attention, right?

But sometimes you need to move the soapbox down the block some.

So I think the more “complex” think pieces will be hoisted onto Medium moving forward. It gives me incentive since the piece can be tossed onto random feeds and get my BS into random hands.

Standard promotion and bloggery will still be here – if that’s something you care about.

Anyway, back to the other stuff…day job…blergh.

Be easy,



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