Noir at The Bar: Trump Edition

Hola, Trumpketeers!

This Sunday, as in: the last free Sunday we’ll ever have, come on down to Shade in the West Village and hear me and a few other deplorables read some stories inspired by this raging fucking train wreck of an election!

I mean, look at these people. They’ve got the BEST words:
Angel Colon
Hilary Davidson
Rob Hart
Nick Kolakowski
Jason Pinter
Thomas Pluck
Eryk Pruitt
Hosted by Scott Adlerberg and Jen Conley

I’ll be reading an entirely new flash piece, ‘Deplorable Me’. It’s a story with dank memes, shit posts, pornography, conspiracies, and Muppets.

It’s going to be a total disaster. Completely crooked event. Sad!

So anyway, come on down. Vote once at the bar and then vote again on Tuesday.

Click HERE for more details.

Also, peep this totally biased poster!


Be easy,




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