Bike Curious

For me, it started with a joke.

A ridiculous joke pulled from an equally ridiculous story Christa Faust shared with a few folks during Bouchercon 2015.

In short, someone fucked a bike. I think…gross…

But how? What the hell are the logistics of it? For why even?

Who cares? It was funny.

So a running joke began: make a crime-themed anthology of bike erotica. Bizzaro-level insanity. Some folks got the joke and others rolled their eyes because sometimes writers are afraid of their true feelings.

I am not afraid, my friends. I wrote erotica about a bicycle.

Great Jones Street (an awesome short story app – sort of like Netflix but it doesn’t make you stupid) is publishing my first (yes, first) story about a bike that people find TOO GODDAMN SEXY. Seriously, remember those horrific Emmanuelle movies? This is something like that, but the lady with the big boobs is a bike instead. No boobs – couldn’t figure out a way to make that work.

I’m a fucking genius, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, check out this great art:


Gearotica is part of an awesome erotica collection Great Jones Street is releasing for the holiday called My Bloody Valentine.

Here’s their pitch:

My Bloody Valentine – original flash erotica from Great Jones Street. Coming soon!

Featuring brand new fiction throughout the year in 4 ongoing collections.

The White Collection – gentle, polite, sweet.
The Pink Collection – hot, flush, tempting.
The Red Collection – piqued, dangerous, unrelenting.
The Black Collection – you can never go back.

Original, commissioned flash-length erotica by the greatest writers on the planet.

There’s a pretty impressive group of writers too, including:

Carmen Machado, Rob Hart, Craig Wallwork, Steve Rasnic Tem, Andrew Hook, Steve Adams, Carrie Laben, Meg Pokrass, Karin Lowachee, Max Booth III, and John Palisano

Pretty awesome, no?

Go download the app. It’s jammed with short story goodness from hacks like me and motherfucking LEGENDS like George Saunders and Tobias Wolff (WHAAAA?).

Be easy,


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