Updatery (aka Procrasturbation)



So I’ve got a bear of a week ahead. Kid’s got Spring Break, house renovations, and writing that needs writering. At least I have a few days “off”.

Anyway – news!

Today we went and revealed the cover for the next installment in what I’m calling A Song of Piss & Vinegar (no idea where I came up with that clever name) BLACKY JAGUAR AGAINST THE COOL CLUX CULT.

Gaze upon it’s awesomeness courtesy of Ron Earl Phillips, the editor in chief of Shotgun Honey.


We’re launching 6/23/2017. Preorder details will be available soon.

In other story-type news, my latest, My Heart Died on Blackrock Ave., is available over at Great Jones Street for less than a buck!

Haven’t heard of GJS (as we super, mega, awesome writers call it)? It’s the Netflix of short stories and JAMMED with astounding talent. That I share app space with George Saunders and Tobias Wolff is coincidental but utterly mind blowing. Clicking above and downloading the app on your preferred mobile OS is very much recommended.

Bonus: you’re supporting an awesome venture that treats its writers with the respect that’s sadly unique these days.

Anyway, what else do we have…

Noir at The Bar!

I’m participating at an absolutely cool little weekend event, a Noir at The Bar Crawl, if you will. If you’re around Baltimore, catch me on May 21st. here’s the details.

You see this fucking lineup? WUT

It’s going to be an absolute beast of a good time. If you can make the dates before mine, do it, these are all writers you should be reading (some are even on Great Jones Street).

I should have other cool news soon (including other readings and Blacky release goodness).

Be easy,


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