Wait, what?

I was in day one of all-day training, paying more attention to my phone b/c that’s what you do in all-day training when I got a little message on FB Messenger.

I’ve been nominated for an Anthony Award.

Shit, my novella, NO HAPPY ENDINGS, is nominated for Best Novella.

And my response was that: “Wait, what?”

It’s easy to play at humility and I’m not going to resort to Hallmark-level shit right now. I’m pretty fucking proud. NHE was a lot of work and it was absolutely a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. That folks were willing to give it a nod to get as far as the shortlist? That’s fucking awesome.

That said, I’m grateful as hell.

Look at this incredible list of talent – LOOK AT IT – http://bouchercon2017.com/anthony-awards/

My competition alone, especially SW Lauden and Sarah Chen (amazing writers and wonderful folks) does indeed humble me but the rest of that list is staggering to me. I don’t think I’ve begun to process that my name is on there let enough alone believe it deserves to be.

I’m especially proud of my Shotgun Honey homey Jen Conley. If she doesn’t net that anthology award, I riot (that’s an amazing slate, and all truth told, I probably could not take Lawrence Block in a fight – STILL it’s the thought!).

Anyway, here’s to my fellow nominees. Writing is a bear – especially this past year and a half – and we keep fucking wrestling.

Much love, luck, and fortune to you all or, as Blacky Jaguar would say, “Slainte bradán bod mór agus bás in Eireann!”

Be easy,


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