Dance, Book Monkey, Dance!

We got some shilling to do, ya’ll.

First on the agenda, cheap ebook! My first Blacky Jaguar novella in the Song of Piss & Vinegar series is on sale now for $0.99! Click the cover below to get yourself to whatever digital storefront you like.


You a reviewer or book blogger? I got you, critically-minded fam. MEAT CITY ON FIRE (AND OTHER ASSORTED DEBACLES) is up on NetGalley! Click on that GORGEOUS cover.


Preorders and NetGalley requests are officially up for a new novel in stories called THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD. Here’s the Bosch-esque cover I love so much.


A little more about NIGHT OF THE FLOOD:


Last and certainly, well maybe not certainly…what’s a degree below certainly? KILLING MALMON! Pick this bad boy up and help the fight against MS because MS sucks and deserves to die a quick, merciless death.


Anyway, buy my stuff!

Be easy,



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