Playing Catch Up

Hey folks. Been quiet on the bloggery for a hot minute. Didn’t even have time to pimp my latest, MEAT CITY ON FIRE (AND OTHER ASSORTED DEBACLES) on the page properly.

Though, hey, for as much as marketing counts in this game, there ain’t much else I can control with a dayjob, family, and general sanity taking some more priority over shilling.

That came off a little snarkier than intended. Apologies.

Anyway, contrary to that open, I’m in a pretty good mood. the Aforementioned MEAT CITY is getting some love and folks are digging on a lot of the newer stories in there. Proud of the work in there and really hope more people check it out.

Also, I’ve pivoted to video!

Got a new YouTube thing I’m trying. Basically a rant with some love for writers I feel aren’t loved enough. Bonus: all the writers I know who roll their eyes at me are probably rolling their eyes extra hard over it (which is a win).

2017 was a weird, slightly sucky year. The plan’s to actively change that. This means moving forward and embracing what I want over what I feel others would want for or of me. It’s very easy to slip into that latter mode once you’ve found some kind of validation that your work succeeds on any level. Unfortunately, that path leads to stagnation; which I’m not in the mood for.

I’ve proven I can hang. Now it’s time to prove I can exceed.

More to come.

PS: I’ll ask again and again – do me a solid and review what I’ve got in the wild if you have a few minutes. Getting the word out helps.

Never said I gained any shame, just that I don’t have time to be unabashedly shameless.

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