the bastard title

A podcast? Seriously? Who doesn’t have a fucking podcast?

Well…I mean, I didn’t have a podcast if that counts for anything.

So yeah, I started a podcast (link). It’s got a little logo, an RSS feed, and an actual format/schedule. It was something I honestly wanted to do for a while and it terrified me.

Which is why I did the vlog first. Low hanging fruit, you know? But that became a little too much about me. Not enough about the outside world and the things I wanted to explore that I a) couldn’t quite put into words and b) lacked perspective on.

Therefore; the bastard title.

I don’t have a poetic mission statement or an ulterior motive here. The goal is to create that wonderful environment we tend to get during the writing conventions where we meet up and talk craft, goals, successes, and rarely, failure. I want to create a space that isn’t just about promotion or the whole little tit for tat dynamic that’s so easy to fall into sometimes (and not that any of that is bad, so take a breath before you go feeling attacked).

Really, my motive is a selfish one. I want to talk about craft and have a conversation with people I like or have yet to have an opportunity to like. I also want to leverage that rush into my own endeavors – this is a means of refocusing the creative energy and doing good in whatever ways I can. This means going outside of the comfort zone and bringing in folks that aren’t as well known or aren’t necessarily involved in crime fiction.

That’s enough explanation. All I hope is for folks to enjoy what I put together. Give a click. Check out the conversations we have up. If I hope to truly continue with this, I’ll have to admit I need your help, so likes and subscribes are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and be easy,


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