Monday’s Rant

In recent talks for the podcast, the idea of multi-tasking has come up more than a few times. All that chatter got me wondering if I was handling my own multi-tasking in the “right” way or if I was cluttering my brain too often.

Now when I say “right” I don’t mean a perfect path to success in that endeavor, I’m more focused on figuring out whether I’m effectively using my time when I DO multi-task because it’s easy to start juggling multiple items while not using one’s time quite right—even if you’re accomplishing something.

As an example, an issue I’m dealing this month—book promo for PULL & PRAY. I’m writing, podcasting, and performing other writerly tasks but I’m either overwhelmed or just not properly focusing my effort. One can argue that the work being done is its best promo but I wonder if I could be approaching these items with either more gusto or in a new way.

Then again, if there’s no one, true path stressing out isn’t worth it, is it?

This is the kind of overthinking that can really get your brain tied up into a million knots. It’s why I’ve decided to be a little less concerned about doing too much/too little as well. I’ve devoted minimal time to items such as promotion (of the podcast and books) because it’s not worth stressing about. The effort to tweet, retweet, or blog shouldn’t be overwhelming. It shouldn’t be an additional ball to juggle.

I’m just ranting. Might be worth giving this some more thought at some point—probably when I have bandwidth.

Anyway, what do you do when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed? Do you power through or take a break? Reprioritize? Cry in a broom closet? Sound off in the comments or if you share.

Oh, yeah, PULL & PRAY drops on July 30th. You can preorder HERE.

Be easy,


One response to “Monday’s Rant”

  1. I’ve tried to power trough, bt that takes an accurate assessment of hiow big the pile is and how well the incuded tasks need to be done. Right now I’ve changed tactics to prioritize what really needs to be done and what can wait a ltitle while I find time to recharge my batteries. Doesn;t even have to be taking a full day off (though yesterday was), but even grabbing a few hours here and there.

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