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So, I have a LOT to say about the projection I’m seeing over that bullshit award name name change the racists are mouth-foaming over while catching up from vacation. Unfortunately, its a piece that requires more than just vomiting a blog post.

We’ll get to it and yes, I will make people mad – something to look forward to!

So, yeah, I was on vacation! Bigger bit: I was on vacation, like an ACTUAL vacation for the first time in nearly a decade. Disney and other trips with extended family are fine, but a little exhausting. This was a road trip with no purpose (well, beer and food) but I slept and didn’t think of writing for nearly 5 whole days!

Mental health’s seen a huge shift in focus the past few years and we’re especially in a place where our own mental health or the mental health of others has been incredibly important (I won’t state the obvious change in society that’s driven that – there are many and they are dark and annoying). We need to take care of our poor brains to the best of our ability and it’s been easy for me to recognize that but hot damn did this break really hammer that piece home.

A big part of what helped? Just living. I saw friends that mean a lot to me. I played games with my kids. I went sightseeing and enjoyed things I normally ignored. I ate ludicrously good food and drank wonderful beer while laughing with my family. I separated my focus from social media as a tool of interaction while thinking of my next steps as a writer without static!

Anyway, this is a bit of a fluff piece but folks should work their damndest to treat themselves to an experience like this. Not shut out but merely refocused on what matters: you. I know we have competing priorities; I get that, but those priorities can’t be worked on unless we’re at our best mentally.

That said, I recognize that some of us aren’t in the right place to be told what to do and how to do it. I’m here for yah and I’ll try my best to be aware so I can put my best effort to be there (or just bug yah) if its needed.

be easy,


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