Release Day!

It’s PULL & PRAY release day! *kermitarmflail.gif* YAY!

Here’s the link to the publisher site so you can get the book in your preferred format and from your preferred storefront.

I’m both excited and terrified as always. You never quite know how a project is going to land until there’s no going back and I really hope folks enjoy the latest ridiculous Fantine Park story.

That said, I’ve been a little more low key about promotion. That’s a mix of being busier than normal and realizing that a few avenues I once believed were in a sense, golden, weren’t actually as fruitful as I hoped. There’s potential to try new things out there but there’s also the potential to continue chasing my own tail as the same set of people watch or ignore me.

Like everything else in the writing biz, there’s no clue answer or path. What probably counts is not losing sight of the goal – to write things in my brain for the people who will read them. The need to get past the immediate sense of gratification that can come with a nice ego boost has to become tertiary – though, hey, let’s face it: that’s a tough fucking endeavor.

What matters is the forward momentum. Not so much the goal or the feeling of fulfillment we all seem to chase as writers but just the act of writing itself. I’ll admit that I forgot how much I love that feeling and how fulfilling it is to me.

If you pick up PULL & PRAY, I really hope you like it. If you don’t, that’s cool too. Just try not to lie to my face about it or whatever.

Fantine Park has gas in the tank (in both ways) and this will absolutely not be the last you read of her, well, so long as Eric Campbell will have me, so scratch that other stuff from before GO BUY MY GODDAMN BOOK!


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