I deleted my original post for this week (about 2,000 words) because it isn’t worth the headache anymore. It’s legitimately naive of me to believe I matter at all in the specific space I addressed. There are still plenty of others in which I do; I am not without alternatives and I know I’m not without support.

I keep coming back to a piece Jay Stringer dropped this week. It resonated with me on a few levels; especially in regards to a lot of my talk regarding making change. We’ve covered that in other entries – the difficulties, the means of prioritizing and finding the proper channels – and how that weight can really bring you to your knees. I think Jay puts a lot of what I’m feeling into better context, so it’s worth a read.

The piece made me think about what I wrote last week and what I need to needle in on that’s actually worth my time.

On an unrelated note: I’m also excited about a lot of the guests I have coming onto the bastard title. Screenwriters, poets, publishers, and others. More POC and more folks you maybe haven’t heard about but should have. It’s going to be a blast and I hope y’all enjoy the talks. This podcast is ultimately about conversations with people that interest me – if you ever wonder what drives the guest list. I hope that enthusiasm has come across so far.

Be easy







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