Cover Reveal: Hell Chose Me

With PULL & PRAY out for about a month now, of course it’s time to start pimping the next project.

Due out in 2019, HELL CHOSE ME, my first full-length novel. Here’s the outstanding cover.


I promise the pig will make sense once you read the book.

HELL CHOSE ME is my take on the classic hitman novel; a little literary, a little pulp, and incredibly bloody.

Bryan Walsh is a killer for hire.

He is haunted by those who have fallen by his hand.

He will stop at nothing to avenge his brother’s death.

When a lifetime of bad karma finally lands on Bryan’s doorstep and leaves his brother dead, he must survive long enough to find the killers and get his revenge, but as the path only grows bloodier, Bryan may not be able to handle the steps he’ll need to take against his enemies.

As he becomes more unstable and his past crashes into his present, Bryan must decide if vengeance is worth becoming the monster he always denied or if he could find another path; one that could lead to something like redemption.

This is my love letter to Block’s John Paul Keller, Lewis’ Jack Carter, and Garth Ennis’ Tommy Monaghan – hope y’all dig it.

More info soon – including official launch date and preorder links!

Big thanks to Down & Out Books for taking a chance with this one.

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