That’s the number of identified Latinx writers in the crime/mystery community.

In case you’re the kind of asshole that thinks I’m pulling that number out of my ass click HERE.

I’m not on the list just yet, but considering one of the writers is deceased, we can still say the current identified number is 22.

How the hell is this not a problem?

How in the fuck can ANYONE in their right mind look me in the eye and say there ISN’T a problem; that the Latinx community is properly represented in crime fiction beyond being used as a bogeyman to prop up the ‘Build that wall’ rhetoric (let’s not get into how Latinx folks are more global than any other ethnicity because that makes soft brains hurt)?

How can anyone honestly accuse folks like me and others of whining?

If you haven’t guessed, I’m a little mad.

And yeah, I know I can be a lot more pleasant about this. I know I can push myself to be palatable, but at the same time, who the hell do I owe that to? To the folks that believe 22 Latinx writers is more than enough?

Anyway, it’s a number that needs to change and I’ll do what I can to help more marginalized writers unafraid to join in. Thinking of doing more with this space in the coming weeks to really find a way.

That’s a positive step for change, right?

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