Well, yeah…

If there’s certainly something – among the MOUNTAINS of things – the #MeToo movement and recent insanity surrounding the scum lining the sewer pipes of our government has clued me in on is the deep, deep, deep resentment the ruling class seems to have for being decent to other humans.

Like, seriously, the idea that NOW a man should worry about every interaction he has with a woman? Isn’t that how we should be around people at a default? I don’t think the idea is to have people become a mess of paranoid lunatics during social interaction, but hey, common courtesy should be easy.

Because what isn’t common courtesy?

The cat-calling. The objectification. The pure disrespect. The patronizing. The talking over. The goddamn rape.

And funny enough, all that shit takes willful effort – apparently more than being kind at a minimum.

There are people better equipped and more informed than I am to continue making this a diatribe. Just a thought for the day.

Be easy.

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