Writing’s hard.

Major breakthrough there. Everyone’s mind is blown.

I can list what makes writing hard, but everyone already has their own list. Each one is a little different, and we all share similar joys and stresses from jumping headfirst into a career of baring one’s literary ass for the world to see.

That said, the good things definitely outweigh the bad. The peers and friends we make for sure lessen the bullshit – they help to deafen all those doubts that go swimming around our heads 24/7.

So if I’m going to impart any sort of constructive lesson this week, take this one: look for the folks that make you laugh and make you feel like you. Never trouble yourself with those that need you to bend. It’s definitely not easy to do those things, but when you find that sweet spot, it’s fucking magical.

Lots of love to my MMM folks – can’t wait to see you all again real soon.

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