Dat Promo Train

If you haven’t heard – I HAVE A FULL NOVEL COMING OUT.

I’ve been pretty active the past two weeks on Twitter and elsewhere trying to signal boost and while I know that 90% of that boosting is probably heard by the same x amount of people (sorry if it’s all so obnoxious), I guess what keeps me enthusiastic is the fact that there are SOME returns on these micro-investments.

And that’s a tough thing to really calculate before the book is completely out in the wild (Feb 4th, by the way). Will the emailing, tweeting, brainstorming, etc really matter?

I have no idea.

I used to think that was a bad thing. That the lack of a formal marketing platform that some authors get would ultimately make a lot of my effort futile at best. Obviously, a lack of tools is a detriment, but I’ve begun to realize that a) I’m not a horrible writer and b) I have the ability to get the word out about my work; albeit at a small scale. Ultimately, that’s OK and the mental expectation – for me – needs to meet that requirement.

Still, I don’t entirely disagree with wanting that pie in the sky scenario. I think it would be foolish to deny that. Writers, well, we’re ultimately needy/conceited/borderline narcissistic and while those traits aren’t very attractive in large doses, it’s probably to admit those things about us and find a means to balance those behaviors and feelings with positive action and better self-care.

What the hell is my point here – oh yeah, I guess this is more of a venting post about my apprehension to go all-out on promo. It seems silly since a lot of work has gone into HELL CHOSE ME and I’m truly proud of the work.

Hell, there are other people who think it’s good too! Look at what these two had to say about it without me holding any of their pets hostage:


“Angel Luis Colón’s knack for writing colorful, compromised
hooligans for whom you can’t help but root has garnered him a
loyal following, and his debut novel, Hell Chose Me, more than
delivers on the promise of his short fiction. Equal parts profound
and profane, Hell Chose Me is a damned good read—a vividly
imagined pulp nightmare best read through splayed fingers.”

—Chris Holm, Anthony Award-winning author of The Killing Kind

“Fueled by revenge and unapologetically bloody, Hell Chose Me
contains all the violent, morally conflicted elements you hope to
see in a classic hitman tale. However, this is not your parents’ noir.
Angel Luis Colón levels up in his first full-length novel with superb
writing and a voice that seizes you from page one. A dark, dirty,
gritty delight.”

—Jennifer Hillier, author of Jar of Hearts

Man, I’ve even got a review already up at Amazon and I’m genuinely grateful and proud of that. I really want people to enjoy this book. I’m still terrified and I’m still a little in the throes of that impostor syndrome.

I say this as I boast about the feedback on the book so far and totally understand how that’s a little contradictory too. I AM ALL TOO SELF-AWARE OF MY SHILLING AWFULNESS.

Ugh, it’s terrible. I’m a ball of conflict and nothing about this is unique at all.

Ultimately, it’s not the worse problem to have. I need get over myself and move forward.

Preorder HELL CHOSE ME here – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1948235609/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

If you’ve got NetGalley access, you can get your hands on an ARC here – https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/152718

Apologies in advance for the oncoming promo storms.

Be easy,


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