I have absolutely no idea how it’s already a few days before Thanksgiving. What the fuck man?

Anyway, I’m late on blogging since I was feeling like shit (yay cold) but felt one of those little what-I-be-thankful-for posts was pretty much appropriate.

That said, I’m going to play this like an acknowledgments page.

Thank you:

To the writers that keep me entertained and inspired – Gabino Iglesias, Paul Tremblay, Chris Holm, Jen Conley, Hilary Davidson, Nikki Dolson, Craig Clevenger, Sara J. Henry, and many, many others.

To writer buddies that keep me mostly sane – Chris Irvin, Nik Korpon, and Todd Robinson especially.

Google all those names and buy ALL THEIR BOOKS.

To anyone out there that’s bothered to read the work I’ve published. I have these flashes—at least once a week—of how absolutely mental it is to know people don’t think I suck. That’s something big for me and I appreciate that every fucking day.

To my family. For the understanding, patience, and support. I’m a lucky husband and father.

Have a great Thanksgiving, folks.

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