It’s coming to the time of year where lots of folks toss up all the things they loved during the year. I’m often leery of doing it myself since there’s plenty left to premiere and consume this month AND I’m not fan of touting what I like as ‘best’ or ‘better’ than what other people enjoy.

That also sounds really fucking snobby, though, and that’s not my intention. I dig seeing what people enjoy because it often informs me of what I’d like to be curious about in the future or the now.

Ultimately, what I struggle with these days is how “behind” I am in media consumption. More often than not, I’m not watching or reading or listening to a lot of things released at the same time. It’s an obvious pitfall of adulthood and one that I’ve found to be a lot more freeing than I anticipated. There’s not a lot of pressure to consume ‘now, now, now’ and I get to enjoy things at my own speed and on my own terms.

So consider this a rant. I’m not interested in building a list, but I’m sure as hell interested in reading other people’s lists. Is that some kind of weird sign of adulthood?

Probably just laziness. Like this post!


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