Day late on the post. Not going to repeat that. Anyway! I'm editing a project. It's something I've brought up before, but I'm going to play it a little closer to the chest until we can fully announce it. It's personal and small in scale. It's eclectic and won't fit in "quite right". I think … Continue reading Whiplash

Mix It

Been thinking about the breakthroughs I had while writing Hell Chose Me. Nothing major, just the weird realization that I put a lot more of me into that book than I originally intended. Isn't that sort of the way it should work, though? We take what we love and embrace and the only way to … Continue reading Mix It


So HELL CHOSE ME is out today (you've bought a copy for you and all your family members, right...RIGHT?) and I'm going to do a little something new. Nobody ever reads acknowledgments, so here's the acknowledgments page of HELL CHOSE ME. I truly want to thank everyone that made this book real. The list of … Continue reading Gratitude