So HELL CHOSE ME is out today (you’ve bought a copy for you and all your family members, right…RIGHT?) and I’m going to do a little something new.

Nobody ever reads acknowledgments, so here’s the acknowledgments page of HELL CHOSE ME. I truly want to thank everyone that made this book real.

The list of writers I have here would be ludicrous and out of fear of leaving many out, I’ll simply say thank you to any and all of the writers I’ve read and interacted with. Inspiration has come from everywhere and I am eternally grateful.

That said I think there are a few folks I need to call out by name.

Rob Hart—This is all your fault. All of it. I think you probably hate hearing that but thank you.

Sara J Henry – thank you for your edits and for whipping my ass into fighting shape. I’m so proud of this book and it is in no small part because of you.

Chris Holm – thank you for not only giving me some assistance with a query for this one but for putting Sara on my radar. It’s outstanding to be a part of a community like this.

Peter Steinberg – thank you for your eye and guidance.

Todd Robinson – thank you for teaching me to be confident of my own voice. I don’t think I’d be as in love with writing again if it wasn’t for your advice and friendship.

Now go buy my damn book. 


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