Brain Gunk

I always have the hardest time with “next”. Maybe it’s because I get stuck on one project and need to feel a glimmer of finality – a sort of “mission accomplished” moment – before I move on. Maybe it’s because starting all over again is scary as hell.
And it’s not like I’m starting over from scratch. I’ve got a few things in the fire, unfinished obviously, but still there. My problem is those lingering thoughts. If I’ve got anything that feels like a loose end, it occupies my brain completely and it’s an incredible struggle to shift focus.
That makes me feel lazy and undisciplined sometimes, but what’s worse; moving onto everything else and leaving things unfinished or ensuring whatever it is you need done gets as done as you can possibly make it? Sure, the writing world moves at different speeds, so there’s difficulty in aligning with that ideology but there has to be a solution for my own sanity.
You’ll have to excuse the rambling, this is more of a means for me to work out the strangeness of having a book out (please buy and review if you can), a book on submission, a book I’m querying to agents, an anthology I’m editing, and other projects poking at my brain. Am I doing too much? Am I doing too little? This feeling’s chased me the entire time I’ve chased publication on just about anything I’ve written. It doesn’t go away and sometimes it’s extremely overwhelming.
Could explain why I like blogging and podcasting – when I wrap those things up, they’re like bite-size accomplishments, you know?

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