American Vurp

I'm not about to give a certain book releasing today any amount of exposure (instead I'll share Myriam Gurba's brilliant take down of the book in question). I struggle with this little rant because I don't like the idea of making controversy about me, but this latest controversy does have me thinking a lot about … Continue reading American Vurp

Over 9000

Somebody on Twitter said this I'm not about to get into the DUNKING this tweet received (and rightfully so) but it also started me thinking about the energy people invest in me. Well, more like the word "invest" - that's what I'm stuck on. To invest means to expect a return on that investment, right? … Continue reading Over 9000


I question my self worth daily. Really, if I think about it hard enough, probably hourly. It's especially exacerbated when you've got imposter syndrome, but when you're coming from a marginalized community AND you've spent a lot of time outside of that community, well, it can be a little worse. As I've continued my little … Continue reading Next