Blacky Jaguar Against The Cool Clux Cult


Coming June 23rd, 2017 from Shotgun Honey!

Ex-IRA hard ass, wanted international criminal, and all-around hooligan, Blacky Jaguar, is back and on the run.

After painting the Cross Bronx Expressway red—literally—and losing his beloved car Polly to his ex, Linda Chen (who isn’t returning his calls because she’s not a complete idiot) Blacky decides his time is running short and has tasked himself with one last stop before tossing hands up and surrendering: Graceland.

Of course, nothing Blacky Jaguar sets his mind to ends up being simple. Contacted by an old frenemy, Broderick Kimbo, Blacky finds himself strong-armed into protecting the budding leader of a growing social justice movement against escalating attacks from an online cabal known as The Cool Clux Cult and their shadowy internet tough-guy leader, neilDATASStyson.

What happens when Blacky Jaguar meets a problem he can’t punch? What happens when our Irish hero discovers a pair of Doc Martens is utterly inappropriate for walking the wilderness? What happens when Blacky discovers the glory of the Chicken Biscuit?

What happens when Blacky Jaguar goes up against The Cool Clux Cult?

What are people of notable writerly distinction saying about the latest Blacky punch-stravanganza?

Fighting against the Cool Clux Cult, Blacky Jaguar is leaner, meaner, and more insane than ever. But underneath all the missing teeth and spilled blood, we finally get a glimpse of Blacky’s big heart – just don’t tell him that. – Nik Korpon–author of The Rebellion’s Last Traitor

Blacky Jaguar Against the Cool Clux Cult is the best novella I’ve read in years — a fast-paced, hard-boiled, adrenaline-filled combination punch of fury and humor. – Steve Weddle — author of Country Hardball

With a voice that’s natural, cool, and centered–while still coiled and venomous–Angel Colon delivers a flawless upgrade to the best novella of 2015. No question, Blacky is back. Bold, sharp, and full of surprise. Like a quick, hard left to the jaw. – Tom Pitts–author of Hustle, American Static

Violent, topical and funny as hell. Blacky Jaguar is my kinda guy, and Colón is one of the best new voices in crime. – Jay Stringer–author of How To Kill Friends and Implicate People