Blacky Jaguar – ex-IRA hard man, devoted greaser, and overall hooligan, is furious. Someone’s made off with Polly, his 1959 Plymouth Fury, and there’s not much that can stop him from getting her back. It doesn t take him to long to get a name, Osito, the Little Bear. This career bastard has Polly in his clutches, and Blacky doesn’t have long until she’s a memory.

The sudden burst of righteous violence gets the attention of Special Agent Linda Chen, FBI pariah and Blacky’s former flame. Linda’s out to get her man before he burns down half the Bronx and her superiors get the collar.

All roads will lead our heroes to an unassuming house in one of the worst parts of the South Bronx, where fists and bullets will surely fly, but maybe, just maybe, Blacky will find a better reason to fight than a car. The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is the story of friends, enemies, and one sweet ass ride.

What some of the best in the crime writing community are saying after spending a little time with the crankiest Irish bastard in the 5 boroughs:

“Angel Colon’s writing mixes brutal violence with dark humor, but he never forgets the emotional truth of his characters. Colon and THE FURY OF BLACKY JAGUAR should be on everyone’s radar now. Readers are going to love this exciting new voice.” — Dave White, Shamus Award Nominated author of NOT EVEN PAST

“The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is a hardboiled Guy Ritchie-esque romp that clocks you in the jaw and leaves you eager for more the instant the credits roll. Angel Colón is only beginning what is sure to be a career to watch.” —Christopher Irvin, author of BURN CARD and FEDERALES

“I want a Blacky Jaguar TV series. And an action figure. And a lunchbox. And Blacky-branded brass knuckles. Until that day, I’ll settle for this razor-sharp, rattling buzzsaw of a novella.” —Rob Hart, author of NEW YORKED

“Don’t let the Heavenly name fool you, Angel Colon’s writing brings the heat. THE FURY OF BLACKY JAGUAR is a darkly wry, bare-knuckle brawl of a book that’ll leave you seeing stars. Five star reviews that is. I sure as Hell hope Angel has more in store for Blacky Jaguar, because this character has more fight in him than can be contained in a single novella.” —Bracken MacLeod, author of MOUNTAIN HOME and WHITE KNIGHT

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Released December 5th, 2016 from Down & Out books!

Fantine Park is not the woman her mother was – she’s certainly not the safe-cracker her mother was. Fresh off parole after a stint in the joint for a poorly thought out casino robbery, she finds herself right back in the thick of it.

The target: semen. Yes, semen. The genetic man-batter from supposed Ivy Leaguers and other elite that nets top dollar from Asia.

The plan: there is no real plan. Fantine just has to get it out of Evensight Storage.

There’s no guarantee anyone involved in this mess is getting out alive, especially when Fantine finds herself face to face with the psychopath known as O Leiteiro – the Milkman.

Praise for No Happy Endings:

No Happy Endings takes the time-tested trope of retired robber on a final heist, and delivers one of the most weirdly original, satisfying, and unexpected capers of the year.” — Joe Clifford, author of the Jay Porter Thrillers

“Deftly mixing a delightfully twisted premise with deliciously dark humor and an authentic emotional core, Angel Luis Colón is a top voice in the new generation of crime fiction writers.” — Holly West, Anthony Award-nominated author of the Mistress of Fortune series

“With Colón’s popping wry prose, No Happy Endings moves at a breakneck pace, is fabulously entertaining, and has one of the best female leads you’ll read in a long time.” — Jen Conley, author of Cannibals: Stories from the Edge of the Pine Barrens

“This is a heist book like no other, perfectly captured by Colón’s intense, no-frills style. Loaded with dark humor, tightly-choreographed action and a memorable protagonist in Fantine Park, NO HAPPY ENDINGS hits hard, with a jawbreaking impact that won’t fade overnight.” – Alex Segura, acclaimed author of Silent City and Down The Darkest Street

“This Angel from hell writes hardcore pulp fiction as sick, slick, funny, and thrilling as Willeford meets Westlake.” — Thomas Pluck, author of Blade of Dishonor and Bad Boy Boogie

“Not only does No Happy Endings deliver on the outrageous premise, Angel Colón somehow manages to make it absolutely plausible. A true page-turner packed with colorful characters, biting one-liners and some of the most repulsive murder scenes a twisted mind could conjure.” — S.W. Lauden, author of Crosswise

“Try to read with your fingers covering your eyes, hoping to shield your them from the nonstop action, violence, and mayhem as the reader cranks along to an inevitable, satisfying climax.” — Eryk Pruitt, author of Dirtbags and Hashtag

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